UPDATED: December 28, 2013

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It's the colemobile!! (January 1999)

"Mr. Happy Go Lucky" (January 1999)

Riding the horsey (March 1999)

Hanging out with the elephants at the zoo (October 1999)

Cowboy Cole at Halloween '99 (Oct 31, 1999)

Cole's 2nd birthday (Dec 16, 1999)

The happy man at his favorite place-the zoo (March 8, 2000)

Cole and the "Aquagroup" at the Aquarium of the Americas (June, 2000)

Cole at age 3 (Dec 16, 2000)

Cole on his bike on Xmas day 2000

Cole the Cowboy (March 2001)

Cole with Scooby (Sep 2001)

Cole checking out the BatMobile (Jan 2002)

Cole at the PalmBeach zoo (Feb 2002)

Cole in action (summer 2002)

Cole the movie star (fall 2002)

Karate Kid (December 2003)

Movie star in Palm Beach, FLA (Thanksgiving 2004)

Birthday at Universal Studios (Dec 2005)

Baseball star in 2006

Fishing for the "big one" in 2007

Vacationing in the carribbean 2008

in NYC 2009

with litte brother at the Statue of Liberty 2009

at the new Yankee Stadium 2009

at Universal Studios FLA 2009

Cole the world traveler in Torino, Italy in 2010 experiencing the Shroud of Turin

Cole is on walk of stars in Hollywood, CA

Cool Cole August 2010

At the zoo in New Orleans March 2011

At Yankee Stadium with dad August 2011

with little brother in Washington DC October 2011


Visiting The Taj on my visit to India in 2012

With my dad and little brother in Shanghai, China in April, 2013